Work with us at Bookworks or Mitchell's

Friendly, Smart Book People Wanted!

Do you love people and books, and thrive in a social environment? Are you able to multi-task and take ownership of projects? Nantucket Book Partners seeks organized, energetic book
lovers for key positions on our team.

Compensation is hourly commensurate with experience. (Please include your requirements with your inquiry.) The successful candidate will possess high technological and people skills. If you see yourself embracing these responsibilities (along with island living if you're not here already!) and are interested in an exciting opportunity to grow a business, please email a resume and thorough letter of interest, including availability and compensation requirements, to Wendy Hudson by March 28th.


For 2014 we seek an increase in specialization among our staff. We're seeking organized, energetic book lovers with special skills for the following positions:

  • Operations Manager: Mitchell's Book Corner 
  • Events & Off-site Sales Coordinator (Flexible tbd)
  • Marketing & Website Coordinator (Flexible tbd)
  • Office & Bookkeeping Support (~6 hours/week) 
  • Children's Specialty Bookseller (Flexible tbd)
  • Special Order & Online Marketplace Specialist (Flexible tbd)
  • Seasonal student interns 
  • Volunteer Book Corps - Come help talk books & do light tasks and get paid in books. How fun is that?

Operations Manager: Mitchell's Book Corner

Specific duties will include overseeing
myriad aspects of operations a highly seasonal store, including but
not limited to:

  • Setting sales goals and motivating
    the team to achieve them

  • Creating systems for surprisingly
    high levels of customer service

  • Coordinating staff, including
    training and scheduling, to perform at high standards

  • Overseeing exciting visual
    merchandising to engage customers

  • Supporting marketing and events
    efforts to establish MBC as a lively downtown hub

  • Helping develop creative
    opportunities for the 21st century bookstore

The position is full time in the store April-Dec at minimum. 


Events & Off-Site Sales Coordinator 

As an aspiring community center, we
seek to build upon our opportunities to engage customers and support authors. We seek a bookseller whose specific duties, in addition to general bookselling, will include but
are not limited to:

  • Running off-site book sales for groups like the Atheneum, Nantucket Book Festival, etc. (this includes ordering books, coordinating the transportion and sales of books at events, and returning leftover books after the event)

  • Driving traffic to both MBC and
    Bookworks through creative programming for all ages

  • Maintaining a highly active schedule of events, at least three a week

  • Scheduling community groups to use our space

  • Working closely with marketing specialist for maximum attendance

  • Working closely with the team to ensure all staff knows what is going on and when

  • Working with publishers and co-op
    to maximize the value of our efforts

This is a primarily an afternoon/evening position with some set and some shifts varying due to schedule.

Marketing & Website Coordinating Bookseller

In addtion to part-time bookselling, highly tech-savvy duties will include:

  • Working closely with events coordinator to promote events in store, around town, and online
  • Updating website with events and content
  • Working with Wendy on message and content
  • Sending out our in-store e-blasts
  • Ensuring that our store-branded Shelf Awareness newsletters are personalized 2x weekly
  • Scheduling and executing blog posts
  • Spearheading social media efforts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Driving business through social travel apps such as Yelp, Google, Foursquare, etc.
  • Coordinating print ads
  • Creating attractive in-store signage
  • Working to maximize co-op reimbursement from publishers

Knowledge of all social media a must, Constant Contact, WordPress, and Drupal helpful but not necessary for a fast learner. High design skills desirable. 

Office & Bookkeeping Support 

Seeking a highly organized individual with computer skills to for a flexible part-time position of 6-8 hourts a week data entry and operational support. QuickBooks and Excel skills a must. 


Children's Specialty Bookseller

In addition to general bookselling duties, this bookseller will have a special knowledge of and focus on children's books. Duties will include events such as story-times and crafts, offsite events, working with teachers, working to market events, and more. 

Special Order & Online Marketplace Specialist Bookseller 

In addition to general bookselling, this bookseller will have specific responsibility to ensure excellent customer service follow-through on special orders, and will focus on our online marketplaces (our website, Amazon, Biblio, & Alibris) to be sure all of our book inventory and key non-book inventory is searchable online.

Seasonal Student Interns 

Starting staff is always fun and helpful. Duties will include a good deal of running around and box-breaking down, but will also be trained to price merchandise, help customers on the register, and shelve books.

Volunteer Book Corps 

We would love to see if there are people interested in helping on a casual basis, perhaps for as little as an hour or two at a time, tidying the store and talking books with customers in exchange for access to our advance readers and to an employee discount or store credit for books. 



Standing Employment Information:

Are you interested in working at Mitchell's Book Corner or Nantucket Bookworks? That's great! Thank you. Employment decisions are important, so please read the following information as you decide whether or not you'd like to apply. (Great perks in great places with great people, but no, you don't get to read on the job. ;-) 

We look for employees who love books, love people, and love Nantucket. You need to be passionate about sharing these enthusiasms with the public, knowing that you will be an ambassador for the store.

Bookselling can be more physically demanding than people sometimes realize, involving long hours on your feet and some moderately heavy lifting.

We operate with both part-time and full-time employees. New staff members will need to be available to work some evenings and weekends, usually on a regular--but occasionally on a rotating--basis.

All employees work as cashiers, stock shelves, help customers with book and gift purchases, and help with events as needed. As much as possible, each person needs to know how to do it all, which is fun and challenging. 

We operate with a trial period of one day-thirty days. It's in no one's interest to prolong a not-good fit.  

If you stay as long as you agree to stay and work the weekend shifts you agree to work, you will be eligible for a bonus per hour worked.  

Bringing books and people together is personally rewarding, yet working in a bookstore is not for everyone. Our beginning pay is in keeping with retail rates and dependent upon your previous experience. There are benefits to offset the hard work. Author visits are frequent. Employees receive advanced copies of books as well as great discounts on books and gifts. If you feel that you can fulfill the requirements above, please apply for a position. Should a position be immediately available that combines your interest and qualifications with our needs, we will contact you. If no positions are initially available, we will keep your application for six months. Please email your resume (if available) and letter of interest to deliver it marked "Attention: Wendy/Application".

In your letter, be sure to include your name, address, telephone number, e-mail and answers to the following:

  • What position are you interested in?
  • Why do you want to work at Nantucket Bookworks or Mitchell's Book Corner?
  • What is your relevant work experience?
  • What are your favorite books? Films? Music?
  • What are your areas of expertise and level of computer skills?
  • What hours are you available to work and what dates are you available?

Thanks again for your interest in joining the team.-Wendy Hudson & Staff