Tourist Town: A Nantucket Idyll by Steve Sheppard (Paperback Signed Copy)

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She awakes on Nantucket Island, not knowing where she is - or who she is - and she doesn't want to find out. She calls herself 'Verona, ' a name borrowed from the stern of the first boat she sees - a name she hopes will help scuttle her past. She resolves never to leave Nantucket. By staying, the likelihood of uncovering, or being confronted by her past, is negligible - or so she believes. One fog-shrouded night, however, Verona encounters an old woman sitting alone beneath the lighthouse at Sankaty Head - the daughter of a former lighthouse keeper. A diary discovered in the attic of a Victorian-era home reveals a decades-old lighthouse tragedy that will soon entangle Verona, the old woman, and a pair of tour bus drivers, who may be able to add a new chapter of Nantucket history to their tours. A New England Book Award-winning book.

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