Salt Water Kisses... A Nantucket "Tail"

SKU: 9780976984405

by Kristen Usich & Nancy Usich

Illustrated by Amanda & Rusty Gibbs

Hardcover picture book, 11" x 8.5", 34 pages

 "A traditional salt water kiss on her daughter's cheek signals the beginning of a mother's magical story of a long ago summer on Nantucket Island, and the mermaid she meets and never sees again.

Mary Margaret has her own special time with her mom, biking on the cobblestone streets, picking blueberries, flying kites and meeting her very own special mermaid.

At summer's end, the treasured farewell sea - glass gift from Mary Margaret's mermaid leaves her wondering why her mother cannot see the mermaid. Will Mary Margaret see her underwater friend next year when her mother's traditional salt-water kiss begins another adventurous and magical summer?

Saltwater kisses is an enjoyable read for everyone... journey with Mary Margaret and her mother and experience the magic of Nantucket. The captivating watercolors capture the quality of life and the abundance of natural and spiritual beauty Nantucket offers."

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