Nantucket Nocturne: A Winter's Idyll by Steve Sheppard (Paperback Signed Copy)


In this sequel to the award-winning Tourist Town, echoes of Nantucket’s whaling past resound through cobblestone streets as winter settles in. Not only are whales once again spotted in island waters, but the decades-old robbery of a whaling-era sea chest sends several winter denizens searching for clues in hopes of solving the mystery. In Nantucket Nocturne: A Winter’s Idyll the answer to the eternal question, “Just what do islanders do in the winter?”, becomes obvious — plenty!

As New York Times bestselling author Blue Balliett exclaims: “Steve Sheppard’s Tourist Town characters have come roaring back.”

Just what do islanders do in the winter, anyway?

We all dream of finding buried treasure . . .

What better place than Nantucket to follow that dream — the hallowed home port of whalers who traversed the oceans of the earth in search of greasy luck; Nantucket, the mysterious Grey Lady of the Sea . . .

. . . Nantucket, where a whaler’s stolen sea chest remains an unsolved mystery.

. . . Are there clues hidden in the stars, or are the answers to an inscrutable riddle more down to earth?

. . . And what’s the old Nantucket Railroad got to do with it?

Nantucket Nocturne:  A Winter’s Idyll is a wild treasure hunt dipped in an expert swirl of island history and settings.  An old crime, a new puzzle, buried secrets and a glimpse of a way of life that has become rare on Nantucket:  Steve Sheppard’s Tourist Town characters have come roaring back.  - Blue Balliett — New York Times bestselling author of Chasing Vermeer, The Wright 3, and Hold Fast, and author of the acclaimed Nantucket Ghosts

Price: $20.00