Nantucket: A Natural History by Peter Brace

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Nantucket A Natural History

In June 2012, Mill Hill Press launched Nantucket: A Natural History by Peter B. Brace.  The book recounts how Nantucket’s environment has developed since the retreat of the glacier 15,000 years ago, and how the plants, insects, animals and marine life returned to the land that became Nantucket’s three islands, striking a unique balance, always adapting to the newest and dominant natural force - man.

“As anyone who is familiar with Nantucket knows, there is much more to this island than its whaling history.  Nantucket is also a fascinating environmental microcosm, and finally we have a book—and a most well-written and thoroughly researched book it is—that does justice to the natural history of the island.  If you love Nantucket, Peter Brace’s Nantucket:  A Natural History better be on your bookshelf.”
Nathaniel Philbrick author of:  Away off Shore, In the Heart of the Sea, Sea of Glory, Mayflower, The Last Stand and Why Read Moby Dick

“Finally a book on the real Nantucket beyond the shops, restaurants, bars and comfy homes.
This is a great read on the geological, floristic and faunal uniqueness of this most cherished island. These living pages clarify how the bird in the bush, on the sand and in the wind, all ended up on Nantucket.”       Peter Alden

“This richly detailed and tenderly presented account of Nantucket’s unique and awe-inspiring natural history will satisfy the curiosity of all who ponder and explore Nantucket’s natural world.  Peter Brace’s deep passion for the island’s habitats and their inhabitants is revealed even further through his insightful commentary and meticulous footnotes.  Next to your field guides, this is an essential text for understanding the island’s natural world and its formation.”
Janet E. Schulte, Ph.D.
Executive Director
The Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association


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