Nantucket Classic American Style (Hardcover Signed Book Plate)

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Autographed Copy by Carrie Neiman Culpepper

Nantucket style features a high-end island lure and many design creations, and this book's major appeals are for those who love home, fashion, luxury, sailing, surfing, and designer photography- This stunning book features gorgeous photographic portraits and environmental shots of islanders in their homes and leisure pursuits, as well as illustrations of elements that shape signature Nantucket aesthetics. The visuals are complimented with essays on the island customs, activities, and history that helped shape this island's unique culture- Co-authors Liza Gershman and Carrie Culpepper have stepped into the lives of the island's characters, with interviews with various inhabitants, including prominent personalities, such as writer, actor, and creator of TV show Odd Mom Out Jill Kargman, and best-selling novelist Elin Hilderbrand, as well as lifelong residents, descendants of members of families who have been on the island dating back to its Quaker settlement in 1660, and many more- The authors have been long-time visitors of Nantucket. Liza has lived multiple full seasons on-island and has been an active member across the island in many projects and groups, so her intimacy with the island and its people is unique. And in the course of researching for various articles about the island, Carrie has gotten to know many stylish and influential islanders"NOBODY ACCIDENTALLY HAPPENS UPON NANTUCKET." Nantucket: Classic American style 30 miles out to sea explores how the island's classic New England nautical style is shaped by its rugged landscape, as well as the sport, art, and lifestyle of its influential and everyday inhabitants. The island's tight-knit community of achievers and dreamers has created an enviable aesthetic that's affected in equal measure by the people, its historic gray-shingle homes and the 14-mile-long island itself, it's wind, sea, and wild landscape. This stunningly photographed book will feature portraits and environmental shots of summer residents and islanders in their homes and leisure pursuits across the island, as well as watercolor illustrations of elements that shape their Nantucket style.

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