Muskeget by Crocker Snow Jr.

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Muskeget: Raw, Restless, Relentless Island (2015)  

Plunges the reader firmly into the heart of Muskeget Island, off Nantucket, owned by the author's family since 1947. Salt air and sandy beaches beckon, sweeping the reader into a world known only to Nantucket's almost-forgotten, wistful and much earlier days -- untouched, unknown and heaven-on-earth: the windy marshes, pristine shorelines, seagulls squawking, and jagged beachy coast. Text and photos, with Snow family legends and stories, lure us into the promise of a beautiful, real, but very raw world. As the natural history of the island unfolds, Crocker reveals his family's dedicated '"stewardship" over the decades to the abundant wildlife, flowing grasses, marsh foul, gray seals, wild ducks, and the rare, near-extinct, protected island mouse ("Muskeget Vole"), found only on this island & nowhere else in the world. Then -- the rumble! In recent years, gray seals have noisily over-dominated the island with gusto, fighting furiously, reproducing voluminously and living boldly. As they are protected by the Marine Mammal Act of 1972, the seals' aggressive population on the island has loomed into the thousands, damaging fragile flora and fauna, contaminating ponds, and most recently attracting dangerous white sharks to the Cape & island's coastal shores, all which perilously threaten human and animal life on the beaches & shorelines.

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