Little Gray Island: Life Stories from Nantucket

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The Memoir Project is a collaboration between the Nantucket Writers Studio & Grub Street

This anthology features compelling first-hand accounts of childhoods and vacations on the island of Nantucket, written by twenty-four senior residents. These true stories vividly bring to life the individual and collective experiences of native islanders and "washashores" alike and document island living, historic homesteads, and lineages of sea captains. Witness the dramas of a whaling ship run aground, a tight sailboat race, and a small plane flying through dense fog. Imagine the taste of lacy seaweed pudding, fresh-caught bluefish, beach plums, and elderberry wine. Readers will want nothing more than to visit (or return) and explore anew Nantucket's sandy paths, bogs, and forests. The extraordinary details, wisdom, and wit found in these essays evoke the magic to be found there. Little Gray Island is an eloquent documentation of these authors' unique history and brings to life a Nantucket that may have been forgotten without them. 

Founded by Grub Street and the City of Boston, THE MEMOIR PROJECT gives seniors the opportunity to turn their memories into published narratives that will influence generations to come. Since its inception, the project has reached more than 125 seniors in ten Boston neighborhoods and published three anthologies that document the living history of the city. In the summer of 2010, dedicated volunteers from Grub Street and Nantucket Writers Studio brought the Memoir Project to Nantucket to preserve the rich personal memories of its senior residents. These collected narratives provide a greater understanding of the island's past and present.



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