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Inquirer & Mirror Article about LAST CALL

By Joshua Balling

I&M Assistant Editor

"On a chilly day in 1970, 60 men and women gathered outside the Bosun’s Locker on Main Street for a farewell photograph.

The bar that columnist George Frazier once called “the last great saloon on the East Coast” – an old-fashioned downtown watering hole and community center where you could just as easily find a job and a room to rent as a cold beer – would close its doors two weeks later.

The men and women gathered for the picture would scatter to the winds over the next four decades. Some would leave the island, some died, and a few are still here, but just as the Bosun’s Locker is gone, so too is the close-knit community that once supported it.

In “Last Call: Main Street, Dreams and the Search for Community,” documentary filmmaker John Stanton chronicled what’s happened to the island in the three decades since the Bosun’s Locker closed, using the bar as a centerpiece and many of its former patrons to tell the story.

The film, which premiered in 2002 at the Nantucket Film Festival, was released last month on DVD."

Own a little piece of Nantucket history - a great gift for island characters near and far. 

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