Excerpts from a Nantucket Journal by Edith Folger Andrews

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Excerpts from a Nantucket Journal

Edith Folger Andrews first brought her passion for nature in general and birds in particular to the equally engaging island of Nantucket in 1938. Ten years later, she co-authored a book entitled "The Birds of Nantucket" with ornithologist Ludlow Griscom. Her work with birds never stopped. In "Excerpts from a Nantucket Journal," she continues with stories of birds she saw, banded, rehabbed, or studied. It includes field notes, observations, and some short memoirs. Day by day, her observations kept pace as the island and its bird-life changed. Out of this vast store of daily life, stories emerged of many feathered personalities and the humans who met them. It chronicles the island’s environment, seasons, and weather, as well as its avian life.

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