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Local artist Clara Urbahn's fabulous "Boaris the Babbitt" chair presides over our Children's Room.  He LOVES kids!

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Pussifer & the Search for Home


Pussifer is a charming true story about a very lucky cat indeed! When a family has to relocate to Singapore, they can't bring their beloved cat along with them, so they decide to try to find a special home for him on his favorite island. And what a home he gets!

Impressionistic photo illustrations give this tale a wonderful ambiance that will charm everyone with fond memories of Nantucket summers.

Comet's Nine Lives Cover Image
ISBN: 9780399229312
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Published: G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers - August 27th, 1996

Like all cats, Comet knew he had been born with nine lives. But he'd never thought much about it until the day he lost life number one in a flower garden on Nantucket. He'd spent lazy days wandering all over the island, not calling any one place home. Now he knows it is time to settle down.

Maria's Comet Cover Image
By Deborah Lanino (Illustrator), Deborah Hopkinson
ISBN: 9780689856785
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Published: Aladdin Paperbacks - February 1st, 2003

Maria's wish burns as brightly as a star.
Maria longs to be an astronomer and imagines all the strange worlds she can travel to by looking though her papa's telescope. One night Maria gets her chance to look through the telescope. For the first time, she sees the night sky stretching endlessly above her, and her dream of exploring constellations seems close enough to touch.

Thy Friend, Obadiah Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780140503937
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Published: Puffin Books - July 29th, 1982

Obadiah, a young Quaker boy living in colonial Nantucket, is constantly followed by a sea gull that he wishes would leave him alone. When it does leave, he wants it back.

Obadiah the Bold Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780140502336
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Published: Puffin - August 25th, 1977

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by Jean Dapra, illustrated by Deb Binning

Nana-Tucket is a unique and wondrous island inhabited largely by grandmothers. Each year before Christmastime, children flock there to visit their Nanas, Omas, Grannies and Abuelas. Readers meet a whale who brings children to the island and a marching band led by a mermaid; learn about holiday traditions in different cultures; and discover the depth and power of a grandmother’s love.

Proceeds benefit Heroes in Transition, www.heroesintransition.org.


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Jenny's Pennies: A Nantucket Tradition by Peter Saverine

Paperback. Released May 21, 2009

This fun picture book is filled with colorful illustrations and a story told in rhyme of a mermaid named Jenny who collect the pennies thrown off the ferry as visitors round Brant Point upon leaving Nantucket. Jenny redistributes the pennies throughout the island to bring good luck to the finders. It's a great read-aloud and a wonderful souvenir for the kids in your life, whether they got to come to Nantucket or not! 

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by Kristen Usich & Nancy Usich

Illustrated by Amanda & Rusty Gibbs

Hardcover picture book, 11" x 8.5", 34 pages

 "A traditional salt water kiss on her daughter's cheek signals the beginning of a mother's magical story of a long ago summer on Nantucket Island, and the mermaid she meets and never sees again.

Mary Margaret has her own special time with her mom, biking on the cobblestone streets, picking blueberries, flying kites and meeting her very own special mermaid.

At summer's end, the treasured farewell sea - glass gift from Mary Margaret's mermaid leaves her wondering why her mother cannot see the mermaid. Will Mary Margaret see her underwater friend next year when her mother's traditional salt-water kiss begins another adventurous and magical summer?

Saltwater kisses is an enjoyable read for everyone... journey with Mary Margaret and her mother and experience the magic of Nantucket. The captivating watercolors capture the quality of life and the abundance of natural and spiritual beauty Nantucket offers."

Nantucket Nanny (Little Limericks) Cover Image
By Molly Manley, Janet Marshall (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781889833965
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Published: Commonwealth Editions - April 25th, 2005

Playful limericks about friendly animal characters in Nantucket, with colorful cut-paper illustrations.

The Bora Boys and the Last Big Door Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780974626604
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Published: Mj Feeney & Sons - March 1st, 2004

It is a dream. It is an adventure. It is a trip home. It is a book about two little boys, alike and different, and how they come to be part of the same family from worlds apart. The Bora Boys and the Last Big Door is the first of several Bora Boys stories revolving around a Cambodian adoptee, Jack, and his adoptive family from Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.

Moby Dick Cover Image
By Herman Melville, Jan Needle (Editor), Patrick Benson (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780763630188
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Published: Candlewick Press (MA) - September 12th, 2006

"Handsome pencil, ink, and watercolor illustrations on nearly every spread evoke the vastness and unfathomable mystery of the sea, varying from black and white to full color." -- SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

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by Catherine Flanagan Stover


This charming little book is based on a true story in the life of islander Amber Cantella's mother, in which a young immigrant girl's Christmas wish for a special doll has great poignancy as she navigates the New World.