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First published in 1927, Ernest Hemingway’s “Men Without Women” is the author’s second collection of short stories which consists of fourteen tales, ten of which were previously published in periodicals. The collection includes some of the author’s more famous shorter works, including “Hills Like White Elephants”, in which an American man and a young woman share a deeply symbolic conversation on a train discussing an operation that the man wants the woman to have, which is implied to be an abortion. The other stories in the collection explore the various subjects of war, bullfighting, prizefighting, addiction, death, infidelity, and divorce. In several of the stories we find Hemingway’s recurring semi-autobiographical character Nick Adams. Hemingway’s concise and understated prose, which he referred to as the “Iceberg Theory” and which had a major influence on the modernist literary movement of the 20th century, is one full display in this excellent collection of short stories.