Diamond City (Hardcover)

Diamond City By Astrid Cole Cover Image
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Pizza-loving Sage will do anything for a ticket to Prince Louis' birthday party, whether that's shooting bad guys at bars, chasing them in hover cars, or dropping one hundred stories from the highest skyscraper in Diamond City. She doesn't mind attracting a little bit of positive attention from the royal family so long as no one learns her true secret: She hails from an ancient warrior race, and kicking ass in war is her specialty.

Only those days are long over. At least, she thinks they are until her nephew sells her out to the royal family, and they're nowhere near as air-headed as Prince Louis. Tiaras and dinner parties are far from their minds when they blackmail her into confronting a vicious (and flamboyant) warlord whose forces are invading the city. Choosing sides might have been a no-brainer, but Sage learns the royal family is using their citizens as test subjects in experiments to attain immortality, and the warlord is actually fighting to stop them.

If Sage thought kneading dough was difficult, now she must choose between a tyrannical (and charming) warlord or a bubbly prince to take the throne. If Sage wants any semblance of a normal life again, let alone run a pizza shop, she must pray that her longing for love doesn't cloud her judgment. Then again, what girl would say no to promises of colorful weddings and spectacular fireworks, even if the guy who's offering them has a not-so-righteous agenda of his own?

Product Details
ISBN: 9798988146902
Publisher: Anais Rosales
Publication Date: June 2nd, 2023
Pages: 386
Language: English