Holistic Wellness Resource Guide for Animals: Focusing on Emergency Care, Trauma Recovery and Whole Body Wellness (Paperback)

Holistic Wellness Resource Guide for Animals: Focusing on Emergency Care, Trauma Recovery and Whole Body Wellness By Emmaray Kumara, Aka Kathryn S. Ariel Cover Image
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Holistic health and healing is the journey of getting well and staying well. It is a journey of remembering your innate gifts of communication and reconnecting with the natural wisdom that is available as a gift to us from Nature. As we learn about these skills for our animals, we also learn about them for ourselves. Due to health challenges that I had in my youth and a deep love of nature and emergency care my learning of these skills has been a deep partnership between animals, Nature and my Self.

Animals are deeply aware of this way of living when given the natural lifestyle to make healthy choices. This is where the partnership between you and the animals that you care can truly grow and expand. This is where the Holistic Resource Guide for Animals can assist you to open this door or expand your already growing knowledge base.

Do you wish you have more knowledge of how to keep your animals happy & healthy?

  • To respond in emergencies in deeply empowering ways?
  • To assist rescue animals wild or domestic with wisdom of body, mind & spirit?
  • Are you ready to go into a deeper more empowered relationship with holistic health & healing with your animals?
  • Is it in your awareness that Nature is in so many ways filled with remedies and wisdom for healing and overall wellness?

Personal experience has taught me the profound importance of holistic living and healing. Awareness of mind, body and spirit plays key roles in our health and that of animals in our care & all of Life. We and animals are intricate part of Nature. Gaia and Spirit hold our blueprints and the wisdom to enjoying wellness and for healing when required.

In this book I share years of accumulated knowledge, most of which is applicable to animals and humans. From herbs, homeopathy, flower essences, and energy healing, to more esoteric innate knowledge of subtle bodies, Body Elementals, interdimensional communication, and the sometimes life saving ability to gain divine assistance both in times of peace & challenges.

Within its pages you will find tools for emergencies and for healing old traumas. Trauma recovery is an huge challenge for animals and many people these days. The wisdom within the book from basic tools to case studies of real experiences can set you on the path of greater confidence.

May All Be Blessed

Emmaray Kumara, The Nature Whisperer

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ISBN: 9798218058173
Publisher: Nature Whisperer
Publication Date: July 1st, 2023
Pages: 388
Language: English