Infamous Cults: The Life and Crimes of Cult Leaders and Their Followers (Paperback)

Infamous Cults: The Life and Crimes of Cult Leaders and Their Followers By Daniela Airlie Cover Image
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Come with me and learn about the world's most ill-famed and chilling cults, their leaders, and their followers.

The strange and sinister stories of lesser-known cults will have you asking what triggers the cult followers' unwavering loyalty to their often cruel leaders. You may know the story of the Manson Family, whose followers committed senseless acts of violence (including the tragic murder of actress Sharon Tate). But, many cult crimes occurred before and after Charles Manson and his followers hit newspaper headlines, and Infamous Cults covers them.

I'll tell the story of a horrific spate of gruesome ritualistic killings that occurred in Matamoros, a Mexican border town, in the mid-80s. These macabre murders were carried out by a cult called Narcosatanicos, a drug smuggling gang who believed their ceremonial sacrifices would make them untouchable. It's a genuinely gory saga that has inspired horror films based on the story.

You'll learn about the story of a cult leader from Nebraska who encouraged down-on-their-luck farmers to join his commune. Little did his followers know just how sadistic their leader was.

Then there's the story of The Ant Hill Kids, a cult founded on preparing for the world's end. The leader, a power-hungry man fueled by violence and a need for control, would drag his followers into a hellish nightmare. How many would make it out alive?

This anthology of six selected biographies of cult leaders and their followers offers a shocking insight into the madness, manipulation, and murder surrounding them. I also ponder the answer to the question, why do people join cults?

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ISBN: 9798215603055
Publisher: Daniela Airlie
Publication Date: October 11th, 2023
Pages: 116
Language: English