Philosophical study of the concept of faith in buddhism (Paperback)

Philosophical study of the concept of faith in buddhism By Tri Doan V Cover Image
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INTRODUCTION 1.1. T h e M o d e r n W o r l d AND THE I m p o r t a n c e OF F a i t h One of the most important attributes of man is faith. This faith may be faith in oneself or in the other, such as in a person, in a supernatural being, in a religious doctrine, in a metaphysical doctrine, in a transcendental reality, or in a scientific truth. Faith has been the single most important element of human existence since ancient times. It has directed the material and spiritual life of each individual. If faith is rational it may make him successful; on the contrary, if faith is irrational, it may make him unsuccessful. In ancient times, when people were not aware of the reasons behind the natural phenomena, such as the cycle of day and night, the cycle of months, the cycle of seasons, the longer time-frames, heavy rains, drought, lightning, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and so on, they would place their faith totally and completely in a supernatural being. They thought that whatever that happens either good or bad is caused by that supernatural being. So they composed hymns and performed rites and rituals to please, to express gratitude, or to keep such being under control. Hence, it can be said that, their faith in a supernatural being was reflected in their ritualism and also in the occupational practices, such as hunting, fishing, food-gathering, agriculture, and commerce. Such kind of faith gradually,

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