The Knowledge of the Holy (Paperback)

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The Knowledge of the Holy is a book by A. W. Tozer, a prominent Christian theologian and pastor, published in 1961. It explores the attributes of God and seeks to deepen the reader's understanding of God's nature. Tozer emphasizes the importance of knowing God as He truly is, rather than relying on limited or distorted views. He argues that many people have a shallow or inadequate understanding of God, which affects their relationship with Him and spiritual growth. Tozer delves into various attributes of God, such as infinitude, omnipresence, wisdom, sovereignty, and holiness. He emphasizes the transcendence and immanence of God, emphasizing the paradoxical nature of His existence as both beyond human comprehension and intimately involved in the world. Tozer emphasizes the significance of pursuing a true knowledge of God for intellectual satisfaction and a transformative encounter with the divine. He encourages readers to approach God with reverence, awe, and a desire for deeper intimacy with Him.Tozer warns against reducing God to a mere concept or object of study, urging readers to embrace the mystery and majesty of God's nature. The Knowledge of the Holy has been highly regarded within Christian circles and continues to be widely read and recommended as a resource for those seeking a deeper understanding of God and a more vibrant spiritual life.

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