Analysis of philosophical discourses towards the social and political values ​​of the Oromo mace system (Paperback)

Analysis of philosophical discourses towards the social and political values ​​of the Oromo mace system By Jiregna Assefa Deressa Cover Image
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HISTORICAL BACK GROUND ON THE STUDY OF THE OROMO GADAA SYSTEM Gadaa is indigenous democratic governance system that encompasses all aspects of Oromo people. It administers social, political, economic, cultural, environmental and religious issues of the Oromo for centuries. Gadaa is lived experiences and system of thought of the Oromo people. Legesse (2000), Jalata (2012) and other Oromo scholars share the Oromo gadaa framework is law based administration framework and has three interrelated implications; it is the evaluation during which a class of individuals accept politico-custom authority, a time of eight years during which elected authorities takes power from the past ones, and the institution of the Oromo society. Both Legesse (2000) and Jalata (2012) demonstrate in their investigation that the indigenous gadaa framework sorted out and order society around political, economic, social, social and strict establishments. Election is the only way that the leaders hold the office for eight year term and peacefully transfer it to the next leader. Democratic elements and indicators of indigenous Oromo democracy include election of political leadership, terms of eight years in office and the peaceful power transfer to the next elected political leaders. Thus, this study focuses on analysis of philosophical discourses towards social and political values of the Oromo gadaa system. As a system of thought and wisdom of black civilization gadaa system worth critical examination and needs close observation to philosophize; and ground it in African social and political philosophy. In its literal sense philosophy is love of wisdom or a pursuit of knowledge. It is also a critical reflection on issues that are important in human life. It is commendable to analyze and understand philosophical discourses in moral, political and African philosophy in relation to gadaa system of thought and indigenous democratic political system. Philosophical inquiry helps to understand oneself, and as Kierkegaard defines philosophy is a ‗search for selfunderstanding'. The need for the study of social and political values of the Oromo gadaa system arises out of social sufferings of the Oromo people. Given the current social and political crisis, we have to look back into the values in our culture, indigenous governance system, and ways of.

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