Wet Dream (Paperback)

Wet Dream By Lexi Esme Cover Image
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Deonne's quest for true love leads her to Rafael, a charming incubus who could shatter her heart - or save it.

Deonne has finally had enough of her boyfriend's toxicity, and when his behavior crosses the line she musters the courage to kick him out once and for all. She thinks she's finally found peace but then, in the midst of her deepest sleep in years, she is deliciously ravished and brought to the heights of ecstasy in a vivid dream by a sexy stranger with an insatiable desire for her. Intrigued by the intense eroticism of her dream, and in an attempt to revive her non-existent love life, Deonne heads to a singles mixer, and bumps into the devastatingly attractive, and charming Rafael. She finds herself irresistibly drawn by the pull he has over her mind, and body. But, what if things might be too good to be true? She can't stop thinking about him or his strong arms, muscular chest, or rippling abs... his oddly familiar green eyes. But as Deonne is about to find out, Rafael has secrets of his own. The truth is that Rafael is an incubus who allows himself to experience only the pleasure of sex without emotional attachment...until now... He wants Deonne, who he believes may be his soul mate-and for the first time in his life he might allow himself to even love someone-but at what cost? Can he maintain his secret from Deonne? Will he be able to seek redemption from her if he loses control? Can he fix her heart if it shatters? This book is a standalone story. If you love steamy romance, sexy demons, and just desserts, this novella is for you.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781990479359
ISBN-10: 1990479359
Publisher: Lexiesme
Publication Date: April 21st, 2023
Pages: 86
Language: English