Infinite Impact: The Entrepreneur's Strategic Guide to Books & Business Success (Hardcover)

Infinite Impact: The Entrepreneur's Strategic Guide to Books & Business Success By Amber Vilhauer Cover Image
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We live in an era when misinformation and artificially created content are on the rise. This is breeding consumer distrust, causing traditional marketing and sales strategies to plummet in effectiveness.

There is one proven way forward to ensure your business survival and create sustainable long-term growth in your profit and impact. You must optimize your books and business platform by becoming authentically self-expressed in sharing your cause. Only then will your ideal buyers be attracted to you and convert more naturally, allowing infinite impact and personal freedom to inevitably follow.

The major problem? The vast majority of entrepreneurs are hustling and grinding, operating out of alignment. Your business is like the game of Jenga. If one piece is out of alignment, it threatens the stability of the entire structure. In Vilhauer's deep dive into what she calls "The Work" (her Foundational Four Framework), entrepreneurs identify their blind spots, overcome resistance, and strengthen their core to then lead their company into greatness.

Vilhauer continues by teaching entrepreneurs how to apply this alignment to optimize their marketing, sales, operations, and book launch effectiveness. These very methods enabled her to:

➔ Cut her time spent on marketing by 90% (while no longer wondering where her next client will come from).

➔ Improve her closing percentage from 25% to 60%+ (because 95% of incoming leads are now qualified).

➔ Double her company profit.

When an entrepreneur makes aligned decisions, and their books and business operate harmoniously, congruence is achieved and impact ripples out to degrees beyond what they can imagine.

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ISBN: 9781962074193
ISBN-10: 1962074196
Publisher: Strongprint Publishing
Publication Date: May 7th, 2024
Pages: 294
Language: English