A Beacon and the Darkness (Paperback)

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The Loop Breaker: A Beacon and the Darkness takes us through a time of tumultuous change for sixteen-year-old Lee Ann Daniels who is recovering from the death of her mother. Lee Ann is forced to deal with this tragic loss while experiencing the culture shock of being forced to move in with her father who lives in the tiny town of Laverne. Lee Ann has no desire to return to this piece of nowhere nestled in the wooded hills of Tennessee, a place where she was born but never really knew. Once settled, Lee Ann begins to explore the surrounding woods of the wildlife preserve adjacent to their property, and soon begins to hear strange sounds that seem oddly human. Soon she actually sees apparitions in the woods, people from another time, plaintively seeking her aid. Lee Ann realizes quickly that she is the only one who can see what's taking place. After some research and discussion with people in the town, Lee Ann hears about the legend of Thief's hollow, a story used to explain the strange goings on. As the hauntings intensify, scenes unfold before Lee Ann that contradict the stories she's heard and read about. It begins to dawn on Lee Ann that she is uncovering a shameful and tragic event the town sought to cover up, connected with her own family. Lee Ann with the help of local psychic Felicity and her newfound friends, David, Jasmine, and Katrina seeks to help the lost souls break out of the loops they are caught up in as they constantly repeat the last moments of their lives. On the anniversary of the tragic events, Felicity and Lee Ann's school friends assist Lee Ann as she attempts to help these restless spirits to cross over to the next plane of their existence. Lee Ann faces the greatest challenge of her young life, but first, she must let go of her own grief and fear.
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ISBN: 9781947782068
ISBN-10: 1947782061
Publisher: Winterwolf Press
Publication Date: October 2nd, 2020
Pages: 188
Language: English