Unbelievable Crimes Volume Two: Macabre Yet Unknown True Crime Stories (Paperback)

Unbelievable Crimes Volume Two: Macabre Yet Unknown True Crime Stories By Daniela Airlie Cover Image
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Take a walk through the depths of human depravity with Unbelievable Crimes Volume Two. I'll delve into some of the most shocking and disturbing crime cases in recent history, taking you on a harrowing journey through some of the most twisted tales you've not heard of - yet.

I'll tell you about the heinous crimes of Lawrence Singleton, who brutally assaulted and mutilated a teenage girl as she tried hitchhiking her way home in Los Angeles. I'll also cover the truly twisted (and incredibly deadly) antics of The Lonely Hearts Killers, a couple who lured unsuspecting victims to their demise for their own greedy desires.

From the lies and manipulation of Christopher Porco, who brutally murdered his own father, to the chilling case of Anatoly Moskvin, who desecrated the graves of dozens of young girls, I'll shine a light on some of the most wicked minds to set foot on earth.

Despite the horrors within its pages, Unbelievable Crimes: Volume Two aims to retell the stories of the victims, ensuring their deaths are never forgotten and the perpetrators' deplorable actions are always remembered.

As with all true crime reads, this book explores the darkest aspects of human nature: cases in this book will contain details that cover real life murders and violence.

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ISBN: 9781915728029
ISBN-10: 1915728029
Publisher: City Sky Publishing
Publication Date: April 16th, 2023
Pages: 108
Language: English