No Excuses - Get It Done (Paperback)

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Most kids dream of what they want to be when they grow up, and many of those dreams never come true. As far back as he can remember, Rocky Turner wanted to be a professional athlete and a radio DJ. Both of these dreams came true, not because of good fortune but because of hard work and perseverance.

Rocky Turner, better known to many as Rock-T, is a nationally recognized larger-than-life personality who motivates those around him with a message of hope. The title of this book, "No Excuses - Get it Done," is the motto that guides his life.

Rocky shares 14 keys to help you unlock your dream job. His words will do much more than inspire you to roll up your sleeves and get busy, they will also provide practical guidance to help you get it done.

Rocky "Rock-T" Turner is a national radio and television personality, motivational speaker, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He is a former professional baseball player and currently, a member of the Ricky Smiley Morning Show heard every morning on radio stations around the country.

"In the pages of this book, you will find an oasis of wisdom. You will learn how to conquer your fears and eliminate doubt from your mind, blocking your possibilities. This book will teach you practical tools to continue on the path of your dreams when life shows up with roadblocks and detours. This is your map, providing keys to unlock your destination with resilience and motivation. Success doesn't come easy, and Rock's story is a lived, real example of what can be accomplished when you embrace your struggle and turn it into success."

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ISBN: 9781732484627
ISBN-10: 1732484627
Publisher: Austin Brothers Publishers
Publication Date: October 15th, 2018
Pages: 148
Language: English