Legacy of Faith Collection: Norvel Hayes: Teacher of Supernatural Living (Paperback)

Legacy of Faith Collection: Norvel Hayes: Teacher of Supernatural Living By Norvel Hayes Cover Image
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"I know the only plan God has provided for you is VICTORY This plan is revealed to us through God's Word." -Dr. Norvel Hayes

This volume of the Legacy of Faith Collection includes the ongoing legacy, teachings and extraordinary life of Norvel Hayes. It includes candid interviews, stories and teachings that document the miracles and ministry of this world renowned author, teacher, and businessman as he has traveled around the world to share the Gospel of Christ to all that would hear.

From Board Room to Bible College...Businessman, Teach, Minister & Friend

Dr. Norvel Hayes teaches how God's power will set people totally free... to see the crippled walk, restore sight to the blind, heal the sick and deliver the demon-possessed. He has taught the Word of God across the nation and overseas in Bible schools. Through Brother Norvel's ministry, Satan's power over many lives has been broken and driven out. Many have lived and not died as a result of the Holy Spirit miraculously restoring them by driving out cancers, giving new hearts, straightening crooked limbs, restoring marriages, rescuing souls and countless other miracles.

In these pages, discover Norvel's journey, candid and upfront. You'll find powerful truths from the Word through some of Norvel's most notable teachings and how he has lived to fulfill the Great Commission. Through his common sense, life experiences, and clear, grass roots understanding of God and His plan, Norvel Hayes ministers simple, down-to-earth teachings and stories that you can apply today

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ISBN: 9781680315516
ISBN-10: 168031551X
Publisher: Harrison House
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2019
Pages: 306
Language: English