The Devil-Worshippers: Tales of Diabolism and Black Magic (Paperback)

The Devil-Worshippers: Tales of Diabolism and Black Magic By The Dark Lords Cover Image
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"The Devil-Worshippers" is an anthology of classic tales and essays about mankind's primal religion: Devil-worship This is the second book in the Dark Lords' "Library of the Occult" series of occult fiction, non-fiction and unholy books.This anthology includes tales from literary greats Algernon Blackwood, Robert E. Howard and Seabury Quinn, and essays by occult giants liphas L vi, Aleister Crowley and A. E. Waite, including:

  • A pious young Puritan encounters a fiendish congregation.
  • Devout monks succumb to Devil-worship at a German monastery.
  • A fisherman finds witchcraft and devilry at a Scottish loch.
  • An ancient pact comes due for a diabolist in dramatic fashion.
  • Disturbing scenes from a 19th century Parisian Black Mass.
  • Thrill-seeking students fall in with an orgiastic Devil-cult.
  • Two sorcerers consult a Satanic witch in medieval Europe.
  • The reality of Diabolism explained by three Occult scholars.

Evil reading and darkest dreams...

The Dark Lords

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ISBN: 9781644676479
ISBN-10: 1644676478
Publisher: Dark Lords
Publication Date: October 10th, 2018
Pages: 264
Language: English