Naturally Curly: A Memoir (Paperback)

Naturally Curly: A Memoir By Kristi Sanders Lasher Cover Image
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The complexities of a racially divided culture are too numerous to count, and with one glance around the globe, it is easy to see why no one is immune to its effects. With so many stories, personal experiences, and misunderstandings, it is all too much to contain and sort out. Thankfully, we serve a God who will do the sorting if we simply keep our eyes on Him. The One who truly knows us and sees us as we are understands our deeply rooted issues; there is no condemnation in Him.

In her memoir Naturally Curly, Kristi shares a true account of how she was nearly engulfed by a deeply rooted lie accepted by many in our country. Kristi takes you on a journey from her early years when the lie first took root in her life to its massive and subtle manifestations in adulthood, which culminated in God's grand rescue. Finally, she thoughtfully explores some aspects of what she believes the racial divide means for the church.

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ISBN: 9781632964847
ISBN-10: 1632964848
Publisher: Lucid Books
Publication Date: December 7th, 2021
Pages: 116
Language: English