A Year with Anthony De Mello: Waking Up Week by Week (Hardcover)

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Release your true inner self, shed society’s expectations and programming, and regain your equilibrium with A Year with Anthony De Mello. This week-by-week workbook is filled with fifty-two passages and stories of De Mello’s echoing wisdom, inspiring quotes from a variety of influential world-famous people, and thought-provoking journal prompts.

We have all been programmed to seek happiness outside of ourselves—seized through great effort from an unpredictable world—and then to become upset and self-condemning when our effort fails to realize its promise of fulfillment, which it always fails to do. This is not to say that success isn’t a reasonable pursuit, but it cannot give us happiness. Nothing of the world can.

Why? Because we have it already.

The happiness, peace, and love that defines fulfillment are already yours, encoded in your spiritual DNA. They are not earned or acquired. They live in you as you to be expressed through you. The only effort needed is really no effort at all; it's a matter of coming home to yourself.

A Year with Anthony De Mello is a week-by-week workshop of fifty-two passages from De Mello, each followed by a favorite parable or koan Anthony admired to illuminate the passage, and two simple but engaging exercises to actualize the week’s teaching. There are also blank pages for journaling about your insights during the week.

About the Author

Anthony De Mello was a Jesuit priest born in Bombay, India, in 1931. He is regarded as one of the foremost spiritual teachers of the twentieth century, respected widely for his groundbreaking and enduring work that integrates Western and Eastern spirituality. De Mello founded the Sadhana Institute in India and is the author of the bestselling masterpieces Awareness and The Way to Love, along with eleven other books that have been translated into twenty-one languages and have sold more than two million copies worldwide. His large body of work continues to have impact beyond his untimely death in 1987. Some of our era’s most acclaimed spiritual teachers have acknowledged the liberating and elevating impact of De Mello’s practical spirituality, including Rhonda Byrne, Eckhart Tolle, Neil Strauss, Adyashanti, Thomas Moore, and Paulo Coelho. Visit the De Mello Spirituality Center website at demellospirituality.com.

Praise For…

"Anthony De Mello's new book is like a coaching manual for life. Our feelings create our internal chemistry, which can be life-enhancing or self-destructive depending upon our feelings and thoughts. De Mello's book and wisdom can help you to heal and survive. I know from my experience as a physician what it can do for you. So read it and become an all-star performer."
— Bernie Siegel, MD author of Love, Medicine & Miracles and No Endings Only Beginnings

“In A Year with Anthony De Mello, readers will once again be inspired by his incredibly powerful teachings and insights. De Mello carves a path for us to move forward in peace and happiness in this new, practical workbook.”
— —C. James Jensen, author of Expand the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

“Although he was only on the planet for fifty-five years, his teachings are as much alive today as they ever were. Tony’s unique ability of joining Western and Eastern spirituality made his teachings inspirational and transformational.”
— —Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret and The Greatest Secret

“Wisdom from one of the greatest spiritual masters of our time.”
— —James Martin, SJ, author of Learning to Pray

"One of my favorite definitions of enlightenment comes from Anthony De Mello. Someone asked him to define his experience of enlightenment. He said, ‘Enlightenment is absolute cooperation with the inevitable.’ I love that, because it defines enlightenment not just as a realization, but as an activity. Enlightenment is when everything within us is in cooperation with the flow of life itself, with the inevitable.”
— —Adyashanti, author of The End of Your World

A Year with Anthony De Mello takes you on a journey of spiritual awakening through fifty-two simple, yet deep stories followed by self-observation prompts. The stories open the heart; the reflections re-program the mind. Read this book carefully, do the practices, and you will discover within yourself a natural state of peace, love, and happiness.”
— —Nayaswami Kamala, publisher of Spiritual Life Magazine

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