The Bates Method - Perfect Sight Without Glasses - Natural Vision Improvement Taught by Ophthalmologist William Horatio Bates: See Clear Naturally Wit (Paperback)

The Bates Method - Perfect Sight Without Glasses - Natural Vision Improvement Taught by Ophthalmologist William Horatio Bates: See Clear Naturally Wit By William Horatio Bates, Emily C. Lierman, Clark Night (Contribution by) Cover Image
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This is the text version of Perfect Sight Without Glasses. A smaller book for a lower price. It contains Dr. Bates' original book, Better Eyesight Magazine, extra Eyecharts and pictures to learn the method quick and easy. Dr. W. H. Bates started his career as an orthodox ophthalmologist following the old rules of the practice; prescribing eyeglasses... During his life, working with different patients, eye conditions; he realized that unclear close, distant vision, astigmatism, other conditions often cured itself, reversed back to clear vision when his patients stopped wearing eyeglasses and relaxed. He noticed that wearing glasses 'tensed' the eyes, eye muscles, lowered the vision and resulted in stronger and stronger eyeglass prescriptions. He began his own studies on the eye and its function. This led him to discover that many of the old ophthalmology, optometry 'supposed facts' about the eye, lens, their function and the cause of unclear vision... are incorrect.

Dr. Bates began teaching his patients to stop wearing their glasses. He taught them natural methods, including relaxation, correct use of the eyes/vision (shifting...) to produce clear vision. Dr. Bates cured his eyesight, close vision, presbyopia. Distant vision also clear. He wrote an article in his book, magazine describing how he did it with Memory, Imagination, Relaxation. He controlled, changed the focus of light rays in his eyes with his mind.

Dr. Bates performed experiments on the eyes of animals, and observed the function of animal, patient's eyes under different conditions. He used the retinoscope to see the refraction of light rays in the eye under various conditions. He proved that the refraction, clarity of vision changes often. And when the eyes are left alone, eyeglasses avoided; the refraction, clarity returns to normal, clear vision. He proved that the state of the mind, thoughts, emotions, body change the refraction of the eye, clarity of vision. Example; when the mind, body is relaxed, positive, happy thoughts, emotions; the refraction is normal, vision is clear. When the mind, body is under stress, strain; the refraction is abnormal, vision is unclear.

Dr. Bates discovered that the main cause of unclear vision and other eye problems is; Wearing Eyeglasses, Mental Strain, Mental/Visual Effort to See, Poor Vision Habits-incorrect use of the eyes/vision; squinting, staring, not shifting-lack of normal, relaxed eye movements, lack of central-fixation, poor memory and imagination... Perfect Sight occurs with Perfect Relaxation (deep or active/dynamic relaxation). Relaxation occurs first, then the eyesight becomes clear. Practicing normal, relaxed eye/vision function produces relaxation of the mind, eyes and perfect clarity. Dr. Bates' experiments on the outer eye muscles proved that tension in these muscles (mainly caused by eyeglasses, strain in the mind, incorrect vision habits) disrupts their function, the eyes' movement, accommodation/convergence, un-accommodation/divergence, causes pressure, tension, pulling on/in the eye, alters the eyes' shape, (and lens, retina...), impairs focus of light rays in the eye, on the retina and the clarity of vision. Blood, oxygen, fluid circulation, tear production, nerve function in the eyes is impaired. Relax the mind, return normal eye movement (shifting, fixations); the eyes return to normal shape, the eye muscles relax and vision is clear. (When the mind is strained, tense; the brain and retina do not communicate/function together at optimum level. Function of the retina is lowered. Relaxing the mind, returning normal eye movement relaxes the outer, inner eye muscles, returns the eyes, lens, retina... to normal shape, function with clear vision.

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