The Crowned Daughter (Paperback)

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Perfect for those of us who watched Shadow and Bone and wished Alina and the Darkling ended up together. The readers who want to have infinite power and a throne with a morally gray man who is tall, bronzed and emotionally chaotic. Step into the realms of The Kingdom of Smoke and Mirrors. A spicy enemies-to-lovers with he falls first in a dark fantasy setting with magic, dragons and violence.

Can Anahi save her people without condemning her own soul?

Anahi was just a normal girl with a touch of amnesia. Only she didn't know she was missing vital information about who and what she was until the tall, mysterious new boy, Ezra sneaks her away into the realm of Kvenland.

After her powers and status as Kerjara was restored, Anahi has a run in with the rival Prince of Vozar. Her sworn enemy since it was his fathers fault she lost her memories.

But as tension grows not only between the Prince and Anahi but across the realm, she reluctantly concedes that there's...something more to the gray eyed Prince. Something she yearns for.

Now on the brink of war, Princess Anahi has to decide what she's willing to risk in order to fulfill her oath to the land and the gods that granted her life and save her kingdom.

Her mate or her very soul.

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ISBN: 9781088066119
ISBN-10: 1088066119
Publisher: Dakota Brimage
Publication Date: November 7th, 2023
Pages: 318
Language: English