How I Cured My Silent Reflux: The Counterintuitive Path to Healing Acid Reflux, GERD, and Silent Reflux (LPR) (Paperback)

How I Cured My Silent Reflux: The Counterintuitive Path to Healing Acid Reflux, GERD, and Silent Reflux (LPR) By Don Daniels Cover Image
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Acid reflux is by far the most widespread gastrointestinal disorder. To put it in perspective, the U.S. alone spends more than $10B on reflux medications annually. Given the prevalence of medications you might wonder why WebMD reports the disease has increased +50% over the last decade and the National Cancer Institute shares throat cancer is +850% since 1975.

You may wonder why mainstream medical approaches, which you might think would be the best cure for acid reflux, have not helped you address your acid reflux or GERD. The startling answer to both of these questions is explored in this book.

Feeling dissatisfied with mainstream medical advice, many turn to the internet. Sadly, the myriad sources do not focus on explaining or addressing the root causes of acid reflux, leaving you to suffer the many symptoms alone:

  1. Sleep disturbance - breathing difficulty, choking, coughing
  2. Social challenges - hoarseness, clearing throat, belching
  3. Health issues - pain, mucus, lump in throat, difficulty swallowing
  4. Food /drink Issues - regurgitation, indigestion, eating problems
  5. Emotional distress - anxiety, stress, apathy

In contrast, all conclusions and recommendations in this book are discussed in simple terms and backed by hundreds of hours studying medical research. Furthermore, they are personally tested by the author, who prior to applying the methods in this book, suffered acid reflux for +15 years. The book is centered on a three phase transition plan:

  1. Revise (2 wks) - establish your baseline
  2. Restore (4-6 wks) - address root causes
  3. Renew (2+ wks) - return to normal

Discover the complete solution to understanding and healing. Take your first step towards addressing the true root causes of your reflux. Before you know it, you could be back to enjoying life free of the many health, social, and emotional issues brought on by this terrible disease.

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