eXtremus (Paperback)

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On a sunny, warm day more than thirty years ago I stepped across a boundary from normal, everyday living into the bizarre world of satanic rituals and demonic strongholds ...
With these words, Eric Anderson describes how he was drawn into an almost unimaginable world, seen through his wife's eyes and memories, of satanism, abuse, and terror.
eXtremus tells the story of how Eric and Grace began, and continue, the process of extreme healing. The detailed accounts of Spiritual, Psychological, and Physical healing provide a glimpse into a thirty year, step by step, process of understanding the challenges, identifying the resources, and acting compassionately and tirelessly to reclaim a life nearly lost to abuse and mental illness.
Their story presents a message of encouragement, but also a challenge to pastors and family members of those undergoing similar affliction. By emphasizing the importance of prayer cover and spiritual support, spiritual authority, and discernment, and by understanding the work of the Holy Spirit within a holistic picture of psychological and spiritual healing, the story of Grace's healing paints a picture of bright hope against a backdrop of despair.

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ISBN: 9780998223315
ISBN-10: 099822331X
Publisher: Penthos Press
Publication Date: October 19th, 2017
Pages: 202
Language: English