America's Last Chance (Paperback)

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The battle for control of the Republican Party has been ongoing for decades; however, it has been especially intense over the last few years, the time period chronicled in this book. On the one side are the party bosses and insiders, and on the other side are the grassroots conservatives. Usually the party leadership battles and presidential nominations are won by the more moderate establishment wing of the party, which has all the advantages in terms of funding, endorsements and publicity.

After years of this ineffective GOP leadership, the 2016 election proved to be the time that the Republican Party finally returned to its grassroots and the conservative principles outlined in its platform. With the nomination of Donald Trump, it was the year the Republican establishment was finally defeated.

It remains to be seen whether Trump can defeat Hillary Clinton, and bring conservative values back to the White House. However, at least as a fighting conservative he will have a chance to defeat her. Only a Trump victory will provide our country the opportunity to recover from the incredible damage of the Obama years. A President Hillary Clinton could be the death knell of this country.

The stakes for a presidential election have never been higher. This political revolution must succeed. If not, the prospects for our beloved country are very bleak. In this election, it is imperative that all Republicans unite behind Donald Trump and his conservative agenda. Once that occurs, the Republican Party will reclaim the White House, and, most importantly, our country will be saved.

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ISBN: 9780997297706
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Publication Date: June 1st, 2016
Pages: 198
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