Post-Conviction Relief: Secrets Exposed (Paperback)

Post-Conviction Relief: Secrets Exposed By Freebird Publishers (Editor), Cyber Hut Designs (Illustrator), Kelly Patrick Riggs Cover Image
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Written in layman's terms, this book provides prisoners an understanding that the courts don't want you to have. This book is not only an informative research guide, but also a simple to understand resource manual. With this book, you will be armed with a unique understanding of the habeas corpus process used by both state and federal prisoners who seek relief in the United States district court system. This book is written to guide the convicted through a complicated web of court rules and statutes that have, throughout the years, been passed and utilized by bar members to deny relief to even the innocent. This book provides form letters, sample motions, and memorandum briefs with full instructions that will likely be needed by every prisoner who seeks justice. This book will assist state and federal prisoners in obtaining documents and an understanding of how to effectively structure Pro Se pleadings. It will teach you how to study criminal cases and evaluate sound constitutional claims. If you or a loved one is or has been a victim of the American criminal justice system, it's safe to assume that you have looked for guidance in one form or another. It is also safe to say that there exists no single, all encompassing, source that will offer relief in every case. What's needed in every case lies within you and the law, that's the desire to do justice. This book is different from all others for two reasons: 1. It gives you, in simple terms, an understanding of a right that the United States Constitution guarantees to all people, the right to justice. 2. It provides you the resources and guidelines successfully used by prisoners written from the perspective of an American citizen who has been victimized by an overzealous court. This book provides the experience of an actual habeas corpus petitioner filing in Pro Se, in necessity, rather than the hypothetical theory of a law clerk working for the weekend. Many have found this resource guide a informative tool to help you, the prisoner, gain a better understanding of judicial laws and the legal rights guaranteed to you.

About the Author

Kelly P. Riggs has throughout the years led a relatively unremarkable life. He was pleased with his life as a loving father to his children. Until it was redirected by a court operating under the guise of dispensing justice in Birmingham Alabama. His life has always been the product of choices which he learned from over the years. One of which included providing information to the F.B.I. in 2011. When Mr. Riggs reported that a D.E.A. agent was distributing drugs in his community of Birmingham Alabama He himself was harassed and ultimately arrested a year later. Mr. Riggs was offered the opportunity to change his testimony but refused. The United States Chief District judge freely admits that Mr. Riggs has an alibi defense but at sentencing stated that he would be imprisoned because "it was about time he learned to tell the truth". Mr. Riggs began his study of military law in 1986 with aspirations of becoming a J.A.G. lawyer. After over two years of intense correspondence study and hours under the scrutiny of various proctors Mr. Riggs discovered that the prospective oath required to continue was in conflict with his military oath, " defend the constitution..." and his own personal moral code. His choice to forego a career as a J.A.G. lawyer lead to an unprecedented career change. Mr. Riggs used the skills he learned in the Army to become a valuable asset in the electrical trade as a leader, problem solver, and teacher. Over the next two decades Mr. Riggs quietly continued his studies to satisfy his own desire to possess an intimate knowledge of the law and provided only limited assistance to those in the practice thereof. In the course of his assistance Mr. Riggs found himself ethically bound to report the corruption of public officials and federal agents, some of which are now under indictment. By May of 2012, Mr. Riggs was charged with a crime he didn't commit by the same Federal district he made his complaint in. See case no. 2:15-cv-8043-KOB, in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama. In the beginning of Mr. Riggs' service to his country he vowed to fight for those who couldn't fight for themselves. In this capacity, he here now vows to dedicate the remainder of his life to fight for justice by bringing awareness to the American People through his fiction and non-fiction writing concerning the law, government, and justice.

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ISBN: 9780991359158
ISBN-10: 0991359151
Publisher: Freebird Publishers
Publication Date: April 28th, 2017
Pages: 226
Language: English