Why Empires Fall: Rome, America, and the Future of the West (Paperback)

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A new perspective on parallels between ancient Rome and the modern world, and what comes next
“[A] provocative short book . . . with a novel twist.”—The Economist

Over the last three centuries, the West rose to dominate the planet. Then, around the start of the new millennium, history took a dramatic turn. Faced with economic stagnation and internal political division, the West has found itself in rapid decline compared to the global periphery it had previously colonized. This is not the first time we have seen such a rise and fall: the Roman Empire followed a similar arc, from dizzying power to disintegration.
Historian Peter Heather and political economist John Rapley explore the uncanny parallels, and productive differences between ancient Rome and the modern West, moving beyond the tropes of invading barbarians and civilizational decay to unearth new lessons. From 399 to 1999, they argue, through the unfolding of parallel, underlying imperial life cycles, both empires sowed the seeds of their own destruction. Has the era of Western global domination indeed reached its end? Heather and Rapley contemplate what comes next.

About the Author

Peter Heather is Chair of Medieval History at King’s College, London. His books include The Fall of the Roman Empire, Empires and Barbarians, The Restoration of Rome, Rome Resurgent, and Christendom: The Triumph of a Religion, AD 300–1300. He lives in London, UK. John Rapley is a political economist at the University of Cambridge and a Senior Fellow at the Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study. His books include Understanding Development, Globalization and Inequality, and Twilight of the Money Gods: Economics as a Religion and How It all Went Wrong. He lives in London, UK, and Ottawa, Canada.

Praise For…

“[A] fascinating book.”—Martin Wolf, Financial Times, “Best Summer Books of 2023: Economics”

“[A] provocative short book . . . with a novel twist.”—The Economist

“The book is certainly a useful post-Gibbonian primer in why things went wrong for the Romans—Heather’s scholarship shines through its pages.”—The Telegraph

“Two experienced scholars lucidly engage in contemporary debates about the future of the West and its parallels to the Roman Empire. This is comparative history done right.”—David Potter, author of Disruption: Why Things Change

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ISBN: 9780300280081
ISBN-10: 0300280084
Publisher: Yale University Press
Publication Date: September 10th, 2024
Pages: 200
Language: English